Monaco Hotel de Paris A place fit for royals and movie stars

A place where even luxury becomes common, that's certainly Hotel de Paris in
Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Hotel de Paris - Monaco - own picture taken in 2013

Hotel de Paris was opened in 1864 as a part of the Société des Bains de Mer (SBM),
under the watchful eye of Prince Charles III of Monaco.

Charles III, Prince of Monaco, source picture - Wikipedia

The Hotel de Paris has a Michelin 3-star Louis XV restaurant and
Le Bar Americain, listed on the World's best Bar selection. In the Louis XV, a
world famous chef is cooking. It is Alain Ducasse. It also has huge wine cellars.

Hotel de Paris - Monaco detail facade - own picture taken in 2013

The Hotel de Paris has 99 rooms and one of the suite is named after
Winston Churchill.

Notable guests:

- Princess Grace of Monaco
- Winston Churchill (stayed here every winter)
- Cary Grant
- Sir Roger Moore
- Frank & Barbara Sinatra
- Rothschild
- Rockefeller
- Vanderbilt
- King Gustav V of Sweden
- Duke and Duchess of Windsor
- and many more.

The hotel even was portrayed in many movies like:

- James Bond (2 films)
- Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez
- and many more.

Nowadays the hotel partially is closed due to renovation works. The works will
be finished in 2018.

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