Royal art - Royal Architect of Brussels: Lodewijk van Bodegem.

In the garden of the Petit Sablon in Brussels, capital of Belgium, there is a
remarkable statue worth to take a closer look to the person behind the statue.

Lodewijk van Bodegem
own picture taken in 2017

It is the one made of Lodewijk van Bodegem, also called Loys van Boghem or
Lowys van Beughem. 

First of all Lodewijk van Bodegem isn't very famous anymore though his 
history really is remarkable. 

Personal story

Lodewijk van Bodegem was born around 1470 in St. Martens Bodegem (one
of the Brussels regions).
Loys' father had a stone quarry near Stuivenberg. Loys and his brother continued
the business after their father's death.

After 1496 Loys married Anna van Aelst. They had a lot of children.
Loys died in 1540 in Brussels.

Royal Duty

Loys Van Bogem was master in a guild from Brussels. Together with 
Laurens Keldermans and Hendrik van Pede he built the Nassau Palace 
in Brussels. This was the city's residence of the Counts of Nassau.

Hôtel of Nassau - the Nassau residence in Brussels
picture: Wikipedia

From 1507 till 1524/1525 Loys van Boghem became surveyor in the
Duchy of Brabant. 

On 13 May 1512, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, appointed him as
master of the builders. He held his appointment as court architect till
his death. 

First he helped to build the "Broodhuis" on the market square of 

Broodhuis Brussels - own picture taken in 2016

Later he moved to Savoy. There he had to build the St. Nicolas de Tolentinchurch
of Brou (Bourg en Bresse). This task Loys van Bodegem had received from 
Archduchess Margaret of Austria, Duchess of Savoy, governor of the Habsburg 
Netherlands and the aunt of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. 

Loys van Bodegem created an original church in Brabantine Gothic 

Source picture: Wikipedia

Other projects Loys van Bodegem worked for:

- St. Lambertus Cathedral in Liège
- Coudenberg Palace in Brussels
- Castle of Vilvoorde.  

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