Historical Hotels The Westin Hotel in Paris France

Westin Hotel in Paris, taken in 2017

The Westin Paris is located at the Rue de Castiglione on the corner of the
Tuileries and the Rue de Rivoli, near the Place Vendôme in Paris, France.

Nowadays the building still is an important landmark but
it really has an interesting and even a royal history.

Some history

* The Westin Hotel was opened on June 1st. 1878 as the Hôtel Continental.

Share of the Hotel Continental - Source: Wikipedia

* It was designed by Henri Blondel, who was the son-in-law of Charles Garnier,
one of the best known French architects.

* During that time, the Westin Hotel was one of the most luxurious hotels in Paris.

* During the first World War, the hotel was used as an hospital.

Royal guests

* The Grand Dukes of Russia ussually stayed here inter alia

Duchess Marie of Mecklenburg - Schwerin and her son
Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich of Russia

* Empress Egénie, wife of Napoléon III of France, visited regularly the hotel.

* Queen Marie of Romania

* King Peter I of Serbia

* King Fuad I of Egypt

* Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg

* Queen Isabella II of Spain

Salon Napoleon at the Westin Paris
Source picture: Wikipedia


* In 1969 the Hotel was renamed as the Intercontinental Paris.

* In 2005 it became the Westin Paris

* In 2010 it received the suffix Vendôme in its name.

On Tripadvisor the Westin Paris is listed as the 484th. of the 1809 hotels
in Paris (on 26 February 2018).

To know more, check the Hotel's site on this link.

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