Sluis A beautiful destination in Zeelandic Flanders The Netherlands

Sluis The Netherlands - own picture taken in 2018

In Zeelandic Flanders, one of the southern provinces of the Netherlands,
a wonderful royal and historic destination is located. It is called Sluis.

Although there are not much historic buildings left, Sluis certainly is
worth to pay a visit.

Some royal History

In 1340 the Battle of Sluis was fought between King Edward III of England
and King Philip VI of France during the Hundred Years' War. This ended in
a victory for England. King Edward III of England became master over the

Battle of Sluis
Source picture: Wikipedia

On 23 June 1468, Margaret of York left England to marry Charles the Bold,
Duke of Burgundy. She arrived on 25 June 1468 in Sluis.

Wearing a crimson dress with a long trimmed in black ( a compliment to her 
new country, since these were Burgundian colours) she made her way 
through the carpeted streets to the Market Place where the Town House of a
wealthy merchant Guy van Baenst had been appointed for her residence.
From Margaret of York the diabolical duchess. 

There she stayed a (few) days, where she met Isabella, the dowager Duchess of
Burgundy and Margaret's future mother in law.

Margaret also met her future stephdaughter Mary.
This meeting would be a success because the three women remained
friends during the rest of their life.

Every night that shewas in the city, there were fireworks,
to celebrate this important historical

On 27 June 1468 Margaret met her future husband, Charles the Bold. Later that
week the couple married in Damme (3 July 1468) , afterwards they made a
joyful entry in Bruges.

Margaret of York
Source picture: Wikipedia

On 8 July 1468 Charles the Bold embarked from Sluis to Zeeland and
Holland, to make his solemn entry into Middelburg, The Hague and elsewhere.

Sluis played another important role in history. This was during the Eighty Years'
War (1568 - 1648)  between Spanish and Dutch troops.


Now Sluis is a peacefull municipality with lots of shops, and beautiful views.
It is a nice place to spend the afternoon.

Sluis The Netherlands taken in 2018

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