Eleanor of Aquitaine a book written by Anne Strickland

Recently, I read the e-book Eleanor of Aquitaine, written by Anne Strickland
and published by Paphos Publishers. I had the version of 2016.

Anne Strickland also wrote a book about Catherine of Aragon.

e-book Eleanor of Aquitaine

About the book

Eleanor of Aquitaine was an easy reading book. Eleanor was Queen of France
and later Queen of England. She had at least 10 children and many descendants.

The book gave a short synopsis of the history of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Though
it was interesting.

Eleanor of Aquitaine - Source picture: Wikipedia

It mentioned inter alia her youth, her life at the Royal Court of France,
the royal residences where she lived in England and her later life as prisoner of
her husband King Henry II. She wasn't released until her son became king Richard I.

Eleanor of Aquitaine certainly was a refreshment of my history knowledge.

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