History - OnThisDay - 6 April 1765 - Charles Felix of Sardinia

On 6 April 1765 Carlo Felice di Savoia was born at the Royal Palace in
Turin, then a part of the Kingdom of Sardinia.

Family & important ties

Carlo Felice di Savoia also called Charles Felix was born as the 11th child
and 5th son of Victor Amadeus III of Savoy and Maria Antonia Ferdinanda
of Spain.

His paternal grandparents were Charles Emmanuel III of Savoy and his
German wife Polyxena of Hesse-Rotenburg.

His maternal grandparents were King Philip V of Spain and his Italian wife,
Elisabeth Farnese.

Charles Felix was the younger brother of Charles Emmanuel IV and
Victor Emmanuel I.

The long way to the throne

On 4 July 1802, Charles Emmanuel IV was childless and after the death of
his wife he abdicated in favour of his brother Victor Emmanuel I. Charles Felix
was entrusted with the management of his elder brother's domains in Sardinia.

However Charles Felix acted as a real authoritarian ruler. He established a
military regime. The Sardinian subjects referred to him as:
Charles the Ferocious.

Love and marriage

On 7 March 1807 Charles Felix of Sardinia married in the Cappella Palatina
of the Palazzo die Normanni in Palermo by proxy Maria Christina of Naples
and Sicily. She was a daughter of King Ferdinand IV of Naples and his wife
Maria Carolina of Austria.

This marriage was opposed by Charles Felix because it had been arranged for
dynastic reasons. However Maria Christina of Naples and Sicily was unable
to have children.


Charles Felix of Sardinia died without issue on 27 April 1831 at the Palazzo
Chablais of Turin. With his death the main line of the House of Savoy became
extinct. He was succeeded by the senior male member of the House of Savoy-
Carignano, Charles Albert.

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