Noble Families in Europe: House of Kyburg, which became extinct in 1417

During the 12th and the 13th century the House of Kyburg ruled the
County of Kyburg, this is nowadays Northeastern Switzerland.

Then the House of Kyburg was one of the four most noble families in
the Swiss Plateau besides the House of Habsburg, House of Zähringen
and the House of Savoy.

Some History

The first members of the House of Kyburg which were mentioned in
local politics were counts. This was in the 1020's. However the male
line ended in 1078.

Kyburg Castle, now in the modern canton of Zürich, passed on to the
Swabian Counts of Dillingen. Through the marriage of Hartmann von
Dillingen (1121) with a certain Adelheid, the House of Dillingen
acquired the old Kyburg possessions.

In 1180 the grandson of Hartmann von Dillingen, Hartmann III, split
the Dillingen lands. Adalbart received the Swabian territories while
Hartmann III von Dillingen got the Swiss lands and he became
Hartmann I von Kyburg.

The House of Kyburg were vassals of the Duke of Swabia, who was a
member of the House of Hohenstaufen. They would become Kings of
Germany from 1138 till 1254.

When the House of Lenzburg died out in 1172 or 1173 the Kyburg came
together with the Hohenstaufen and Zähringen. They split the Lenzburg
possessions between them.

In 1180 the family began to consolidate their power. They founded the
cities Diessenhofen and Winterhur.

In 1218 the Zähringen family died out and the Kyburgs became even
more powerful. Anna von Zähringen, the sister of the last Duke of
Zähringen, Berthold V, was the wife of Ulrich III von Kyburg. From
them the Kyburg family inherited land west of the Rhine and Burgundy,
including important cities as Fribourg, Thun and Burgdorf as well as
estates in the canton of Zurich.

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The Kyburg family wanted more power and they strenghtened themselves
through marriage. Hartmann IV, the elder, married Margaret of Savoy.
His sister Hedwig became the future mother of King Rudolf I von Habsburg.
So the ties between the powerful royal families in Europe became

Around 1230 the Kyburg family founded Zug, Baden, Frauenfeld,
Aarau,Lenzburg and Mellingen.

Anna a daughter of Hartmann V married Eberhard I of Habsburg-
Laufenburg. Their son also a Eberhard called himself of Kyburg.
His line became knwon as the Neu-Kyburg and it lasted  till 1417.

In 1417 this line ended and the county passed to Frederick IV, Duke of
Austria, who was forced to sell the county of Zürich in 1424.

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