Royal Destinations: Fribourg in Switzerland and its very interesting Medieval History

Switzerland alwas is a great country to make an excellent holiday. The country
really has lots of amazing things as: mountains, lakes and beautiful nature.
But it also has a great history. That's why I chose Fribourg as this week's
Royal Destination post.

Fribourg and its stairs - Switzerland own picture taken in 2010


Fribourg is the capital of the Swiss canton of Fribourg and the district La Sarine.
It is located on both sides of the river Saane/Sarine on the Swiss Plateau.

With no doubt, Fribourg is an important economic, administrative and
educational center, just near the cultural border between German and French

Friboug has an Old City, which is one of the best-maintained in Switzerland,
on a small rocky hill above the valley (so visitors have to take lots of stairs).

Fribourg a nice city in Switzerland, own picture taken in 2010 

Some (royal) history

Fribourg already was a small settlement since the Neolithic period. Besides
that only a few remains from the Roman period were found. These includes
traces of a Wall.

In the Middle Ages Fribourg became a city-state intially controlled by the
Dukes of Zähringen, but this noble family died out in 1218. The city was
transferred to the related Kyburg family. They granted Fribourg its privileges
and wrote the municipal laws in 1249.

In 1277, Fribourg was sold to the House of Habsburg. Around mid the 13th.
century trade and industry began.

In the 14th. cenury Fribourg participated alongside the Habsburgs and the
County of Burgundy in the Battle of Laupen against Bern and it Swiss
Confederacy allies.

Burgundian Wars

However the treaty with Bern was renewed in 1403. The 15th century was
dominated by various military conflicts. Fribourg had considerable losses in
the war against the Savoy. The influence of the House of Savoy in Fribourg
grew and the House of Habsburg ceded the city to the House of Savoy.
Fribourg remained under the control of Savoy until the Burgundian Wars in

Fribourg St. Nicolas Cathedral - Switzerland - own picture taken in 2010

As an ally of Bern, Fribourg participated in the war against Charles the Bold,
Duke of Burgundy, who wanted to bring more land under his control. However
his plan failed and he died during the Battle of Nancy.

In 1627, the patricians drew up a new constitution in which they declared that
they were the only people capable of ruling the region.

New Railway lines and station

On 2 July 1860, the railway line from Bern to Fribourg opened, this was good
for the city's economy.

On 4 September 1862, the line from Balliswill to Lausanne via Fribourg opened
and a temporary railway station was built. The permanent building opened in 1873.
On 25 August 1876, a line to Payerne opened and on 23 August 1898 one to Morat.

A new university

In 1889, the University of Fribourg was inaugurated, which brought lots of students
to the city.

Fribourg , Switzerland own picture taken in 2010

A visit to Fribourg

I went to Fribourg by train from Berner Oberland. A one day trip is excellent
to see the highlights of this wonderful old city. It has a medieval center which is
one of the largest of Europe.

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