Royal Destinations : Leuk , a special gem in Switzerland

Leuk, located in the canton of Valais in Switzerland really is a special
gem and a visit worth.

This municipality really has not only a nice view, magnificent places of
interest but also a great history.

Leuk Switzerland, View - own picture taken in 2010

Some royal history

Leuk already had a habitation in the pre-Roman era. In the 6th century it
belonged to the King of Burgundy, who donated the municipality to the
Abbey of Sainte-Maurice. The first church of the town dated from this
period and it was originally build in Romanesque Style. Later this was
rebuild a few times.

Leuk Switzerland View - own picture taken in 2010

In the Early High Middle Ages, Leuk changed from owner. Then the
municipality came under the supervision of the Bishop of Sion.

In 1209 Leuk was given the right to have its own weights and measures.
In 1227 the parish of Leuk is first documented.

Leuk Switzerland centre - own picture taken in 2010

Later the decline of the feudal system took place with the weakening of
the secular episcopal power and the rise of the democratic self-consciousness
of the Valais, the old order was replaced with a new power structure.

The village grew into an independent town with elegant houses and a new
church. The two gorges and the river Rhone to the south provided excellent
natural fortifications for the growing town.  The borders of the town were
often the site of several bloody clashes. The first one took place in 1296.

In 1386, Leuk prevented the advance of Count Amadeus VII of Savoy to
the Upper Valais.

During the Middle Ages, the economy of Leuk was based on the transport
of goods, Alpine herding, farming and viticulture. The town produced gravel
from the banks of the Rhone in the Pfyn forest.

In 1915 The Leuk-Leukerbad Bahn railway was opened and later in 1967
there was a converted bus operation.

Leuk Railway Switzerland

A visit

I visited Leuk, Switzerland in 2010, by train and I was amazingly surprised
by the views, the buildings and later by the history.

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