A special Royal Destination: Barcelona França Railway Station

Railway Stations, trains, and the movement of people always fascinated me,
especially when they have special Royal History as it is in the case of the
Barcelona França Railway Station or Estació de França.

Barcelona França Railway Station

Some history

The railway station was built in the 19th century and opened in 1848.
As in the name, it was a stop for trains who came from France.
It also served North East Catalonia and the Costa Brava as well.

In 1929 the Barcelona França Railway Station was re-opened
for the international Exhibition.

Barcelona França Railway Station 

The station was designed by architect Pedro Muguruza and inaugurated
by King Alfonso XIII of Spain.

Source picture: Wikipedia

The railway station had another big renovation between 1988 and 1992.
It re-opened for the Olympic Games of 1992.

Barcelona França Railway Station 


For me this is one of the most beautiful railway stations of Spain.
It has an amazing mix of a classical and a modern style with marble,
bronze, crystal and Modern Art-Deco details.

Railway station

The França Railway station is one of the busiest railway stations of
Barcelona. It is located not far from the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona.

Barcelona França Railway Station

Barcelona França Railway Station 

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