An interesting Royal Destination with a medieval link : Montagne de Bueren in Liège, Belgium

One of the main attractions in Liège, Belgium is .... a stair. This stair, which is
actually a street, gives a connection between two areas of the city and it offers
a connection to the citadel of Liège.

Montagne de Bueren, a real attraction - own picture taken in 2018
Liège, Belgium

Some royal history

The Montagne de Bueren was created between 1875 and 1880 as a remembrance
of the Wars of Liège.

The Wars of Liège were a series of three rebellions between the citizens of
Liège, the Prince-Bishopric of Liège against the expanding Duchy of Burgundy.

In 1468 the rebels were defeated by Charles the Bold and the city twice was
burnt to the ground.

Charles the Bold - Source picture: Wikipedia

The Montagne de Bueren was named after Vincent van Bueren, one of the
commanders of the rebels.

Montagne de Bueren, Liège Belgium - own picture taken in 2018

Some interesting facts

The Montagne de Bueren has 374 stairs with an average slope degree of
28%. It is one of the largest stairs of Belgium after the stairs of the citadel of

In 2013 the Montagne de Bueren was listed as one of the most extreme
stairs of the world by the news site/blog the Huffington Post.

A visit

I visited and climbed this stair in 2018. Afterwards my legs were thrilling.
Although the city's history isn't so nice, it is good that the people of Liège
don't forget their past.

Besides all these interesting things, the Montagne de Bueren in Liège, Belgium
is free to visit! 

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