History - OnThisDay - 6 May 1464 - Birth of Sophia Jagiellon, Margravinne of Brandenburg-Ansbach

On 6 May 1464 Sophia of Poland was born as a daughter of Casimir IV
Jagiellon and Elisabeth Habsburg.  Her birth took place in Krakow,


Sophia's father was Grand Duke of Lithuania and King Casimir IV of

Sophia Jagiellon was thus a granddaughter of Wladislaw II Jagiellon and
Sophia of Halshany (from Lithuania). Sophia Jagiellon was named after
her paternal grandmother, the Queen of Poland.

Her maternal grandparents were King Albert II of Germany and
Elisabeth of Bohemia.

She was a great granddaughter of Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund.

Love and marriage

With such important family ties, Sophia of Poland was a key player
on the royal wedding market. Sophia and her sisters had claims to the
thrones of Austria and Luxembourg through their mother Elisabeth.

In 1468, at the age of 4, she was betrothed to Archduke Maximilian
of Austria, son and heir of Emperor Frederick III.

Around the summer of 1470 Sophia's father had other plans. He started
negotiations for a marriage between Sophia and Prince Frederick of
Brandenburg, the son of Elector Albrecht III Achillis.

Sophia's father Casimir IV sought allies among the Germans since he
was concerned with the influence of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III,
who supported the rule of the Polish prince Vladislaus in Bohemia.

The marriage contract was signed in October 1475.

On 14 February 1479 Sophia and Frederick of Brandenburg were married
at Frankfurt, nowadays located in Germany.

Frederick and Sophia would have 18 children together.


On 11 March 1486 Sophia's father-in-law Albrecht III Achilles died.
Her husband Frederick and her brother-in-law inherited the Franconian
domains of the Hohenzollern dynasty. Frederick received Ansbach, Sophia
thus became Margravine consort of Ansbach.

In 1495 Siegmund the brother of Frederick died childless. Frederick also
inherited Bayreuth, thus Sophia also became Margravine consort of

In March 1509 Sophia and her husband were present in Prague, for the
coronation of her nephew Louis II Jagiellon.


On 5 October 1512 Sophia died in Ansbach. She was buried in the monastery
of Heilsbronn.

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