History - OTD - 11 May 1414 - Francis I, Duke of Brittany

On 11 May 1414 the birth of Francis I, Duke of Brittany took place in
Vannes, nowadays located in France.


Francis I, Duke of Brittany was the son of John V, Duke of Brittany and
Joan of France.

Through his mother, Francis I, Duke of Brittany was thus a grandson of
King Charles VI of France and Isabeau of Bavaria.

He was a member of the noble house of Montfort.

Love and Marriage

First of all, Francis I, Duke of Brittany was bethroted to Bonne of Savoy,
the daughter of Duke Amedeus VIII of Savoy and his wife Mary of Burgundy.
Bonne was thus a granddaughter of Philip the Bold. However she died on
25 September 1430 at the age of 15, shortly before their marriage.

On 28 August 1431 Francis I, Duke of Brittany married Yolande of Anjou.
She was a daughter of Louis II, Duke of Anjou and Yolande of Aragon.
The couple had a son Renaud, Count of Montfort, but the boy died young.
Yolande died in 1440.

On 30 October 1442, Francis I of Brittany married Isabel of Scotland, a
daughter of King James I of Scotland and Joan Beaufort. Francis and Isabel
had two daughters: Margaret and Marie.


On 29 August 1442, Francis I's father died. He became the Duke of Brittany.
This was at the end of the Hundred Years' War between France and England.

In August 1443 English reprisals took place by the Duke of Somerset with an
army of 10,000 men.

In 1446, Francis I granted his chamberlain, Briand III de Châteaubriant-Beaufort
the right to hold a yearly fair in Bourg de Plerguer.

Also in 1446, Francis I took on of his brothers and heirs, Gilles of Brittany,
captive because he opposed to the high nobility of Brittany.


Francis I, Duke of Brittany died on 17 July 1450 at the Château de l'Hermine.
He only became 36 years old.

He had no surviving male heirs at the time of his death, so he was succeeded
as Duke of Brittany by his younger brother Peter II of Brittany.

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