Historical Royal Hotels: Alfonso XIII in Seville, Spain

Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville, Spain certainly is one of the most
important VIP hotels in the city.

It is located on the Calle San Fernando, next to the University of
Seville in the Santa Cruz area.

Alfonso XIII hotel in Seville, Spain own picture taken in 2018

Some Royal History

On 28 April 1929 Hotel Alfonso XIII was officially inaugurated with a
celebration attended by King Alfonso XIII and his wife
Queen Victoria Eugenia. This Spanish queen was a granddaughter of
Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. King Alfonso XIII and Queen
Victoria were the grandparents of King Juan Carlos of Spain.

King Alfonso XIII of Spain
Source picture: Wikipedia

The reason of the celebration was the wedding of Infanta Isabel
with Count Juan Zamoyski.

Infanta Isabel Alfonso was the daughter of Prince Carlos of Two Sicilies
and Mercedes, Princess of Asturias. Mercedes was a daughter of King
Alfonso XII of Spain and thus a sister of King Alfonso XIII of Spain.

Some building history

The hotel was designed by architect José Espiau y Muñoz between 1916
and 1928.  It was a winning project chosen among others.

Hotel Alfonso XIII was built to be the hotel of the Iberoamerican World
Exposition of 1929.

During the Second Republic the name was changed to Hotel Andalucia
Palace, later it received its original name.

The hotel has 6 banqueting halls and the largest and most ornate could
host 650 people.

It has 147 unique guest rooms and of course a Royal Suite, used by
Royal families who are visiting Seville.

Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville Spain, own picture taken in 2018

Famous guests

Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales
Brad Pitt
Cameron Diaz
and recently the cast of the Games of Thrones.

A visit

A normal room is available from 211 € / night. However people can
have a glimp of the hotel, with a drink in the patio.

On tripadvisor (9/6/2018) the Alfonso XIII hotel in Seville is listed on
the 10th place from the 180 hotels.

More information, check the website of the hotel on this link.

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