History - OnThisDay - 11 June 1403 - John IV Duke of Brabant

On 11 June 1403, John IV, Duke of Brabant was born in Arras, nowadays
in France.

John IV, Duke of Brabant


John IV, Duke of Brabant was the son of Antoine of Burgundy, the ruling
Duke of Brabant, Lothier and Limburg. John IV's mother was Jeanne of

John IV 's paternal parents were Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy and
Margaret III, Countess of Flanders.

John IV 's mother, Jeanne of Saint-Pol, was a step-granddaughter of
Edward, the Black prince and her maternal granddaughter was
Joan of Kent.

John IV, Duke of Brabant was a member of the noble House of Valois.


After his father's death at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 John IV
became the new Duke of Brabant.

His succession wasn't accepted by everyone. The Holy Roman Sigismund
contested his succession as he wished to stop the Valois influence or the
influence of the Burgundian Duke, John the Fearless, who was the uncle
of  John IV, Duke of Brabant.

However the States of Brabant supported their new duke and they
prevented a second succession war in the duchy.

Love and Marriage

In 1418, John IV Duke of Brabant married a very important noble woman.
Her name was Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut. In the Low Countries she
was named Jacoba van Beieren. Through this political marriage the counties
of Holland, Zeeland and Hainaut and the duchies of Brabant and Limburg
were united in a personal union.

But the marriage wasn't a happy one, the royal couple was estranged from
each other in 1420. John's advisors were all part of the Cod faction and
those of Jacqueline were all of the Hook faction. This took place during the
Hook and Cod disputes.

Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut


To prevent troubles John IV, Duke of Brabant appointed Jacqueline's uncle
John III, Duke of Bavaria as regent of Holland in 1420. Jacqueline escaped
from her husband's court and she exiled to England. Later she annulled their

In England Jacqueline remarried Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, however
John IV never accepted the annulment of their marriage.

In 1425, John IV, Duke of Brabant founded the University of Leuven, which
still is the oldest Catholic university in the Low Countries and perhaps in the
world, still in operation.

John IV, Duke of Brabant


John IV, Duke of Brabant died on 17 April 1427 at the age of 23 in
Brussels, without issue. His claims on Holland, Zeeland and Hainaut as
husband of Jacqueline were transferred to his nephew Philip the Good,
Duke of Burgundy.

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