History - OnThisDay - 26/27 July 1612, Murad IV, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire was born. He was against the use of alcohol.

On 26 or 27 July 1612, Murad IV was born in Istanbul. Then the city was
a part of the Ottoman Empire. Now it is a huge and cultural city in


Murad IV was a son of Ahmed I, Ottoman Sultan and Kösem Sultan.
He had an elder brother Osman II and a younger brother Ibrahim.
Murad IV also had sisters.


Murad IV became Sultan of the Ottoman Empire on 10 September 1623.
During his early reign, his mother essentially ruled through him but the
Empire fell into anarchy. In 1631 the Janissaries stormed the royal palace
and they killed the Grand Vizier.

Murad IV banned alcohol, tobacco and coffee in Istanbul. He also ordered
execution for breaking this ban. He would even patrol the streets and the
lowest taverns of Istanbul in civilian clothes that night, to control the
violators of his own law.

Between 1623 and 1639 the Ottoman-Safavid War against Persia (now
Iran) took place. Ottoman forces managed to conquer, Azerbaijan and they
captured Baghdad in 1638.


Murad IV died from cirrhosis in Istanbul at the age of 27 on 8 February 1640.

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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