Remembrance: September 28th 1918 - World War I

Exact 100 years ago, on 28 September 1918, one of the major operations
during World War I started.

Battle of Flanders , picture taken @ Ypres, Belgium

In the spring of 1918, the troops on both sides of the Western Front were
stocked in the war in Flanders Fields. So they wanted to try to force an

This took place on 28 September 1918, when the Battle of Flanders

There was a successful Anglo-Belgian attack on a 23 mile front from
Diksmuide (Dixmude) to Ploegsteert. King Albert I of Belgium had the
command over this military operation.

The Uniform of King Albert I of Belgium from World War I

The international coalition (Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Australia ...)
captured the Houthulst Forest and more than 4,000 prisoners.

In France, General Mangin advanced in the Champagne on the Aisne and
the German army had to retire to the Ailette.

But not only in Belgium or France armies were fighting against each other.
The American army advanced to Exermont and Brieulles (northern France)
and many villages were taken.

Bulgaria, at the Southern Front, made a request for an Armistice with a view
to peace negotiations.

British troops under General Allenby crossed the Upper Jordan at Jisr Benat
Yakub and effected a junction with Arab forces near Deraa.

There also was a British cavalry at El Kuneitra, which was about 40 miles
from Damascus.

World War I in Belgium - uniforms 


From 28th till 30 September there will be a Museum weekend at
Zonnebeke with some 'Living History'. Lest we forget!

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