Royal Destination: Museo Napoleonico in Rome, Italy.

Napoleon Bonaparte Satue
own picture taken in 2017

Most people thought: Napoleon Bonaparte was the first Emperor of France,
which is of course true. However his family, the Bonapartes did have a very
important Italian Link.

Museo Napoleonico in Rome, Italy
own picture taken in 2017

Nowadays, the art collection of the Italian Link of the Bonaparte Family is shown
at the Museo Napoleonico in Rome, Italy.


This museum displays the collection of Giuseppe Primoli, who was the
great-grandson of Charles-Lucien Bonaparte.

Giuseppe Primoli was the son of Princess Charlotte Bonaparte and the
Count Primoli di Foglia. This Guiseppe belonged to the Roman branch
of the Imperial Family.

Museo Napoleonico in Rome, Italy
own picture taken in 2017

The building

This wonderful museum about the Bonaparte family is located at the
Primoli palace (built in the 16th. century). In 1927, Giuseppe Primoli
donated the palace to the city of Rome.

The collection

The Museo Napoleonico presents 12 rooms full of fascinating objects,
which belonged to the extended Bonaparte Family. It is seperated in 4

- The first Empire.
- The Roman Period of the Bonapartes.
- The second Empire.
- The Napoléonides, money from the end of the 18th. till the beginning of
   the 20th. century.

Giuseppe Primoli the founder of the museum
own picture taken in 2017

A visit to the museum

I visited this rather small but very interesting museum about the family
Bonaparte in december 2017.

The entrance is free, but a shop with some fine books got my attention :-).

The Museo Napoleonico in Rome is open from Tuesday till Sunday.
More information on this link.

This Museo Napoleonico really is to be recommended, certainly for
'fans' from Napoleon Bonaparte.

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