The Weekend Special - The Netherlands - William The Silent - Marriage(s)

William I was married four times.

In 1551, he married Anna of Egmond and Buren.

Anna of Egmond - Source picture - Wikipedia

William I gained her titles and also was called:
Lord of Egmond;
Count of Buren.

In 1561, he married Anna of Saxony.

Anna of Saxony - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1575, he married Charlotte of Bourbon.

Charlotte of Bourbon - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1583, he married Louise de Coligny.

Source picture: Wikipedia

Louise raised after the death of William I both her son and his six 
daughters from his earlier (3rd) marriage. 

She corresponded with influential people from that time like:

Queen Elizabeth I of England;
Henri IV of France;
Marie de' Medici; 
Philippe de Mornay.

In my next blogpost, I'll tell you more about his role as main leader of the 
Dutch revolt against the
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