Belgium a Royal History - 1830 till now

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium - National Day of 2017 - screenshot

Travel Royal Palace in Brussels Belgium
Royal Palace in Brussels Belgium

Belgium is a country located in Western Europe. It became in 1830
independent from The Netherlands.

Belgium is a rather difficult country with three official languages
(Dutch, French and German) and as many communities.

Belgium is famous for his beers, chocolates and fashion, think about
NATAN, Dries Van Noten & much more.

Eating chocolate Belgium
chocolate Belgium

A yummy Belgian dessert

On this page I gave a short survey about Belgian's Royal History.

I hope you'll enjoy it!

Leopold I (1831-1865)

Leopold I National Bank Brussels Belgium 

Own picture - painting of Leopold I in the National Bank of Belgium

Leopold I Royal Palace in Brussels Belgium

Own picture of painting - Location Royal Palace of Brussels

Born: 1790 in Coburg (Germany)
Died: 1865 in Brussels (Belgium)

He married twice

1/ 1816: Charlotte Augusta 
(Crown princess of England)

File:Princess Charlotte of Wales.jpg

Born: 1796 (London)
Died: 1817 (Esher)

2/ 1832: Louise -Maria 
(Princess of Orléans)

Own picture of painting - Location Royal Palace of Brussels

Born: 1812 - Palermo (Sicily - Italy)
Died: 1850 in Ostend (Belgium)

Travel Ostend Luise Maria Belgium

Former Palace of Queen Louise-Maria in Ostend

They had 4 children:

1/ Louis - Philippe


Born: 1833
Died: 1834

2/ Leopold II

Later king of Belgium

Bestand:Leopold ii garter knight.jpg

3/ Filip (1837 - 1905)

Count of Flanders

Bestand:De Graaf van Vlaanderen.jpg

Born: 1837 - Brussels
Died: 1867 - Brussels

He married

1867: Marie of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen 

Bestand:Maria von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen.jpg

Born: 1845 - Sigmaringen (Germany)
Died: 1912 - Brussels

They had 5 children

1/ Baudouin (1869 - 1891)
He died young

2/ Henriette
Born: 1870 - Brussel
1896: marriage with Emmanuel of Orleans - Duke of Vendôme
Died: 1848 - Sierre (Switzerland)

3/ Joséphine
She died young

4/ Joséphine
Born: 1872 Brussel  
1894: marriage with Karl-Anton of Hohenzollern -Sigmaringen
Died: 1958 - Namen (Belgium)

5/ Albert Leopold Clement Marie Meinrad
later King Albert I

4/ Charlotte (1840 -1927)

File:Charlotte of Belgium.jpg

Born: 1840 - Brussels
Died: 1927 - Meise

She married 

Maximilian Of Austria (1832 - 1867)
Emperor of Mexico (1864 - 1867)

File:Emperador Maximiliano I de Mexico.jpg

He was the younger brother of emperor Franz-Joseph of Austria.
He became the emperor of Mexico in 1864 and was executed in 1867.

Leopold II (1865-1909)

Petit Pays, Petit esprit - translated: Small Country, small minds

See also this link

Bestand:Leopold ii garter knight.jpg

Born: 1835 - Brussels
Died: 1909 - Brussels

1853: he married Archduchess
Marie Henriette of Austria 

File:Maria Hendrika of Belgium, Winterhalter.jpg

Born: 1836- Budapest (Hungary)
Died: 1902- Spa (Belgium)

They had four children

1/ Louise


Born: 1858 - Brussels
1875: Marriage with Prince Philipp of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Koháry
Children: Léopold-Clement and Dorothea 
Died: 1924 - Wiesbaden 

2/ Leopold

File:Leopold Duke of Brabant.jpg

Born: 1859 - Brussels
Died: 1869 - Brussels

3/ Stéphanie

File:Stephanie of Belgium 3.jpg

Born: 1864 Brussels

1/ 1881: Marriage with crown prince Rudolf of Austria
(son of Emperor Frans Jozef and Sisi)

They had one child: Archduchess Elisabeth Marie of Austria.

2/ 1900 Second Marriage with count 
Elemér Lónyay de Nagny-Lónya and Vásáros-Namény.

Died: 1945-Pannonhalma (Hungary)

See also the History / OnThisDay blogpost on this Link

4/ Clementine 

File:Clementine of Belgium.jpg

Born: 1872 - Brussels
1910: Marriage with Napoleon Victor Bonaparte
Children: Princess Marie Victor Bonaparte and 
Prince Louis Jérôme Bonaparte
Died: 1955 - Nice (France)

Albert I (1909 - 1934)

Quotes: Belgium is a nation not a road!

File:Albert I Koning der Belgen.jpg

Born: 1875 - Brussels
Died: 1934 - Brussels 

1900: Marriage with 
Elisabeth Duchess of Bavaria


An aunt of Queen Elisabeth of Belgium was Empress 
Elisabeth of Austria (Sisi).

Elisabeth, Queen of Belgium died in 1965

They had 3 children:

1/ Leopold III

Later King of Belgium

2/ Karel / Charles, Count of Flanders
Future King Leopold III, Queen Marie José of Italy and Prince Charles

Prince Charles of Belgium

Prince Charles of Belgium among artists

Born: 1903 - Brussels
Regent of Belgium (1944-1950)
Died: 1983 - Ostend

I made a History/OnThisDay about him, check this link

Raversijde Ostend Karel (Charles) regent Belgium

Raversijde - Home of Karel (Charles) of Belgium

3/ Marie-José (last Queen of Italy)

Born: 1906 - Ostend
1930: Marriage with Umberto II of Italy


Princess Maria Pia; 
Vittorio Emanuele , Prince of Naples; 
Princess Maria Gabriella; 
Princess Maria Beatrice.

May 9th. 1946: 

Umberto and Marie-José become king and queen of Italy.

June 2nd. 1946: 

Referendum about the future of the monarchy. 
Most of the Italians wanted a republic. 
Umberto and Marie-José were known as the May King and Queen

Princess Marie-José died in 2001 in Genève (Switzerland)

Three Kings of Belgium Coudenberg in Brussels

The first three Kings of Belgium - Own picture taken in 
Church of  Saint Jacques sur Coudenberg in Brussels

Leopold III (1934 - 1951)

Born: 1901 - Brussels
Died: 1983 - Brussels

paintings King Leopold III and Queen Astrid of Belgium in Brussels
Queen Astrid and King Leopold III -
own palace taken at the Royal Palace in Brussels

1/ 1926: Marriage with Astrid of Sweden

Born: 1905 - Stockholm (Sweden)
Died: 1935 - Küssnacht (Switzerland)

Travel Küssnacht Switzerland Astrid
Chapel in Küssnacht - Switzerland own picture

They had 3 children:

1/ Josephine - Charlotte

Born: 1927- Brussels

1953: Marriage with Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
Grand Duchess of Luxembourg from 1964-2000


* Marie Astrid, Archduchess of Austria;
* Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg;
* Prince Jean;
* Margaretha, princess of Liechtenstein;
* Prince Guillaume (uncle of the Hereditary 
Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg)

Died: 2005

2/ Baudouin

 Later King of Belgium

3/ Albert

 Later King of Belgium

2/ 1941: Second Marriage with  Lilian Baels

File:Lilian baels.png

Born: 1916
Died: 2002

They had also 3 children

1/ Alexandre

Born: 1942 - Brussels
1991: Marriage with Léa Wolman
Died: 2009 - Sint-Genesius-Rode

2/ Marie-Christine

Born: 1951 - Brussels

Married twice:

- Paul Drucker (1981)
- Jean-Paul Gourgues (1989)

She lives in the United States

3/ Maria-Esméralda

Born: 1956- Brussels

1998: Marriage with Salvador Moncada
She is a journalist writing under the name Esméralda de Réthy. 


Alexandra Leopoldine
Leopoldo Daniel

She lives in London (United Kingdom)

Baudouin of Belgium 

Ostend Statue King Baudouin Belgium
own picture of a statue of King Baudouin of Belgium
in Ostend

Statue of the king in Ostend (own pictures)

File:Baudouin 1969.jpg

Source picture: Wikipedia

Born: 1930- Brussels
1960: Marriage with Fabiola de Mora y Aragón 
Died: 1993 - Motril (Spain)

They where very popular but they had no children. 

King Baudouin and Queen Fabiola at the Breakfast.
Picture from postcard which I received from Oscar Meijer.
Oscar Meijer is the creator of the Dutch blog : 
De Staat van Oranje

King Baudouin died on July 31st. 1993
Queen Fabiola died on December 5th. 2014.


Own picture from stamp - 
Take a look: Belgium is written in three languages: French (Belgique), 
Dutch (België) and German (Belgien).

Albert II (1993 - 2013)

Belgium is modernizing itself and it gives me joy
King Albert II

an empty box of cookies with the picture of King Albert II and Queen Paola

Picture from a stamp

Born: 1934 - Brussels
1959: Marriage with Paola Ruffo di Calabria 

Salvatore Adamo made a beautiful Italian song 
about Dolce Paola. 
You can listen to the song on this youtube link.

They have 3 children:

1/ Philippe

King Philippe of Belgium - screenshot - National Day 2017

Born: 1960 - Brussels

1999: Marriage with Mathilde d'Udekem d'Acoz

They have four children:

1/ Princess Elisabeth
2/ Prince Gabriel
3/ Prince Emmanuel
4/ Princess Eléonore

2/ Astrid

Princess Astrid and her husband Prince Lorenz, Archduke of Austria d' Este - screenshot in 2013
Born: 1962- Brussels

1984: Marriage with Lorenz, Archduke of Austria- d'Este

They have 5 children:

1/ Amedeo
2/ Maria Laura
3/ Joachim
4/ Luise Maria
5/ Laetitia Maria 

3/ Laurent

Born: 1963- Brussels
2003: Marriage with Claire Coombs

Prince Laurent and Princess Claire at the National Day in 2017 - screenshot

They have 3 children
1/ Louise
2/ Nicolas
3/ Aymeric

Philippe (2013-

On July 21st. 2013, Philippe became King of the Belgians. 
Since then we have two Kings and 2 Queens (Queen Fabiola died in 2014). 

King Philippe of the Belgians - Screenshot

Queen Mathilde of the Belgians - Screenshot

King Albert of Belgium - Screenshot

Queen Paola of Belgium - Screenshot

American President Barack Obama quote: 'Brave little Belgium'

Queen Mathilde with the Nato Spouses in 2017 
Source picture: Wikipedia

2017: Remembrance of the Battle of Passchendaele