Royal History of France

Versailles, France, entrance gate for the royals - taken in 2017

Although now France is a Republic, the country has a large Royal History.
It is a lack on this blog, that I've never made a page about that brilliant topic.

Cependant La France est aujourd'hui une république, le pays dispose
d'une grande histoire. Il y a un manque sur ce blog, que je n'ai jamais
fait une page sur ce sujet brillant.

Royal History of France

In 843 the Treaty of Verdun was signed. Then the Carolingian Empire was
divided in three parts. Charles II the Bald, a son of Louis the Pious and a
grandson of Charlemagne, recieved West Francia, which later became the
Kingdom of France. 

Charles II the Bald

Charles II, the Bald married twice:

1/ Ermentrude of Orléans, daughter of Count Odo of Orléans. She
had around 10 children.

2/ Richilde of Provence. They had 5 children. 

Louis II the Stammerer

Louis II the Stammerer was the son of Charles II the Bald and 
Ermentrude of Orléans.

He married twice:

1/ Ansgarde of Burgundi

2/ Adelaide of Paris

Louis III

Louis III of France was the son of Louis the Stammerer and 
Ansarde of Burgundy. He also was the 33rd. great grand uncle of
Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. 

Louis III of France didn't married and he hadn't any children.
So, he was succeeded by his borther Carloman II. 

Carloman II

Charles III the fat

Odo of Paris

Charles III the Simple

Robert I


Louis IV


Louis V

Hugh Capet

Robert II, the Pious

Henry I

Philip I the Amorous

Louis VI the fat

Louis VII the Young

Philip II Augustus

Louis VIII the Lion

Louis IX the Saint

Philip III the Bold

Philip IV the Fair

Louis X the Quarreler

Philip V the Tall

He died on 3 January 1322. More about him on this link

Charles IV the Fair

Philip VI the Fortunat

John II the Good

More about King John II of France on this link . 

Charles V the Wise

Charles VI the Beloved
also called the Mad

Charles VII the Victorious

Louis XI the Prudent,
the Universal Spider

Charles VIII the Affable

More about King Charles VIII on this link .
He was married to Anne of Brittany more on this link

Anne of Brittany statue at the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris

Louis XII
Father of the People

Francis I

File:Joos van Cleve - Portrait of Francis I, King of France (ca. 1532-1533) - Google Art Project.jpg


1/ Claude, Duchess of Brittany

2/ Eleonor of Austria

File:Joos van Cleve 003.jpg

Eleanor of Austria was the daughter of Philip The Handsome
and Johanna of Castille

She married first King Miguel I of Portugal. After Eleanor became 
a widow, she married with King Francis I of France.

Francis I was a patron of art. He introduced the French 

He invited many Italian artists to his Chambord Castle.
One of the most famous guests was Leonardo Da Vinci.

François I était le patron d'art. Il a introduit la Renaissance 
Française. Il a invité des nombreux artists Italien à Chambord.
L'un des plus célèbres artists était Leonardo Da Vinci.

Henry II

File:Henry II of France..jpg

Source picture: Wikipedia


Catharina de Medici


Source picture: Wikipedia

She was born in Florence (Italy).

Quotes: Not one of us is innocent. We all have sins to confess.

Diane de Poitiers - Source picture: Wikipedia 

More about the André Thévet, the chaplain of Catherine de' Medici,
check this link.

Francis II

Charles IX


Source picture: Wikipedia


Elisabeth of Austria

File:Elizabeth d Autriche by Francois Clouet 1510 1572.jpg

Source picture: Wikipedia

She was the daughter of Maximilian II of Austria and Maria of Spain
(See on my blog on the page House of Habsburg).


Source picture: Wikipedia

He married Louise de Lorraine

Source picture: Wikipedia



Source picture: Wikipedia

He married 

1/ Margaret of France


Source picture: Wikipedia

2/ Maria de' Medici


Source picture: Wikipedia



Source picture: Wikipedia

He married Anne of Austria


Source picture: Wikipedia

The Style of Louis XIII was influenced by Flemish, 
Dutch and Italian Baroque.

Le Style de Louis XIII a été influencé par Baroque Flamande, 
Hollandaise et Italienne.

Louis XIII at Place des Vogues in Paris taken in 2017



Source picture: Wikipedia

Hotel Negresco in Nice, France

He married Maria Theresa of Spain 


Source picture: Wikipedia

Under Louis XIV the furniture style became more and more luxurious. 
Sous Louis XIV le style de mobilier est devenu de plus en plus luxueux.


Source picture: Wikipedia

Old image of the Palace of Versailles
Source picture: Wikipedia

Own picture of Versailles taken in 2017 taken from the garden

Books about King Louis XIV

Bookreview on this link
More about King Louis XIV of France on this link


He married Marie Leszczynska (she was the daughter of at that time, 
king of Poland)


Source picture: Wikipedia

Furniture Style - Style de Meubles

The Louis XV style was the French Rococo. 
Le Style de Louis XV était Rococo.


Source picture: Wikipedia



Source picture: Wikipedia

He married Marie-Antoinette of Austria


Source picture: Wikipedia

Bookreview about Queen Marie Antoinette written by Antonia Fraser
on this link .

There is a style of Furniture called Louis XVI.
Typical for that style is the return of Classicism.

They had 4 children:

* Marie-Thérèse  of France, blog post on this link
* Louis Joseph, Dauphin of France, died at the age of 7
* Louis XVII of France, died at the age of 10
* Sophie Hélène Beatrix of France, died when she was 11 months old. 

Louis XVII

Napoleon I

More about the 'Travels' of Napoleon Bonaparte on this link.

Napoleon I statue taken in Versailles


Napoleon I

Napoleon II


Charles X

Louis Philippe I
The Citizen King

Napoleon III

own pictures
or found on Wikipedia.

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