Today in History - December 3rd. 1939 - Princess Louise of the United Kingdom

On December 3rd. 1939, Princess Louise of the United Kingdom died in
Kensington Palace (London).

Princess Louise was born on March 18th. 1848 as member of the British
Royal Family. She was the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and
Prince Consort Albert.

Princess Louise - Source picture: Wikipedia

Princess Louise became engaged to John Campbell, Marquess of Lorne
on October 3rd 1870. They married on March 21st. 1871. The pair shared
a common love for arts but they started to live apart and had no children.
There also are rumours that Campbell was bisexual. There are also rumours that
Princess Louise became pregnant when she was young. See next link:
Link 1

In 1878, John Campbell became Governor General of Canada.
Louise became the first Royal to live in Rideau Hall, officially the
Queen's residence in Canada.

Rideau Hall in Canada - Source: Wikipedia
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