The Weekend Special - Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg and its family ties

For my Weekend Special, I decided to write more about the children of 
Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg and his wife,
Grand Duchess Joséphine Charlotte, born Princess of Belgium.

Gran Duke Jean and Joséphine Charlotte and their Children in 1963
Source picture: Wikipedia

As always I'm very interested in the maze of family ties of Royal Families around 
Europe. The family ties of the Grand Ducal Family really are interesting.

Grand Duke Jean and Joséphine Charlotte had 5 children @ the picture there are 
4 because Prince Guillaume was born in 1963.

Coat of Arms of Luxembourg
Source picture: Wikipedia

1/ Princess Marie Astrid is the eldest child and daughter of the 
Grand Ducal Couple.
She married Archduke Carl Christian of Austria.
Carl Christian of Austria is the son of Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria
(a son of Emperor Charles I of Austria) and Princess Yolande de Ligne
(member of a Belgian noble family). They have 5 children.

On next link you can see a picture of Princess Marie Astrid,
Archduchess of Austria:
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2/ Grand Duke Henri is the eldest son of the family.
He succeeded his father in 2000.
Grand Duke Henri married Maria Teresa Mestre y Batista. 
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa was born in Cuba. 
They have 5 children, 3 of them are married.

In 2012, their eldest son, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, married 
Stéphanie de Lannoy (Born in Belgium).

On next link you can see amazing pictures of their wedding:

In 2013,another son, Prince Felix married Claire Lademacher (born in Germany).

Prince Louis already married Princess Tessy. They have 2 children.

I hope there will be more weddings in the next years ...

3/ Prince Jean (twin brother of Princess Margaretha) married
Hélène Vestur. They have 4 children. They divorced.
In 2009 Prince Jean married Diane De Guerre.

On next link you can see pictures of Prince Jean:

4/ Princess Margaretha (twin sister of Prince Jean) married
Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein.
She is the sister-in-law of Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein.
They have 4 children.

On next link you can see pictures of Princess Margaretha:

5/ Prince Guillaume is the youngest son of the Grand Ducal Couple.
He married Sibilla Weiller. They have 4 children.

On next link you can see pictures of Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg

Travel Cathedral Luxembourg

Own picture of the Notre Dame Cathedral of Luxembourg.
A lot of members of the Grand Ducal Family married in this cathedral.

The Grand Ducal Family is a member of the House of Bourbon-Parma.
I'll tell you more in one of my next blogpost about the history of that Family. 
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