Today in History - January 10th. 2005 - Princess Joséphine Charlotte of Belgium, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg

Princess Joséphine Charlotte of Belgium was born on October 11th. 1927 in the
Royal Palace of Brussels.

Princess Joséphine Charlotte of Belgium
Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were King Leopold III of Belgium and Queen Astrid (Princess of Sweden).
She was the eldest sister of inter alia King Baudouin of Belgium and
King Albert II of Belgium (who abdicated in 2013 in favour of his son 
King Philippe).

In 1953, she married Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (then Prince Jean).
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The Royal Couple had five children. Now her eldest son, Henri, is 
Grand Duke of Luxembourg. So, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg is the
first cousin of King Philippe of Belgium.

Princess Joséphine suffered Lung Cancer and died at home on January 10th. 2005. 
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