Today in History - January 5th. 1858 - Joseph Radetzky von Radetz

On January 5th. 1858, Joseph Radetzky von Radetz (What a difficult name)
died in Milan (Italy).

Joseph Radetzky von Radetz
Source picture: Wikipedia

He was born on November 2nd. 1766. He was educated by his grandfather in
Vienna (Austria).

Vienna - Own picture

Joseph Radetzky von Radetz married Countess Francisca von Strassoldo Grafenberg.
They had children.

In 1787, Joseph Radetzky became a lieutenant in the Austrian Army.
I liked the Austrian uniforms very much. The colors were white - red 

In 1848, Johan Strauss composed a march called Radetzky, 
to commemorate Radetzky 's victory at the Battle of Custoza. 
It became very popular.

On next link you can listen to the piece performed @ the New Years Concert 
in Vienna.

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